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Here at Pickled SA, we are passionate about the art and science that goes into the pickling method of food preservation, and we are proud of the quality that goes into each of our small batches. We whole heartedly believe that you can pickle anything and we are known for pushing the envelope. Because we are more than cucumbers, we like to believe that we have a pickle for every palate. 

Our pickles are all vinegar pickles, meaning they are not fermented, they are all produced in a commercial kitchen space and canned using traditional methods. You'll find only the freshest ingredients and purest flavors in our pickles. No dyes or chemicals; something we can all feel good about. 

We hope you enjoy!

locally sourced ingredients

We believe that the best pickles come from only the freshest ingredients, which is why we source as much of our raw ingredients as possible from local farmers. While some of our more uncommon varieties are sourced from outside of our local area, we use local companies to source the highest quality ingredients for us.

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"The right way to pickle."

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